7 Responses to “The Ultimate Burger”

  1. Julias Shaw says:

    The YouTube video is private and can’t be viewed by the public.

  2. Janus says:

    What about all the other components pictured?

  3. Ron Goodrich says:

    Where’s the jalapeños and the bacon? I can’t really see this tasting better than the double bacon jalapenos cheeseburger I get from 5 guys for $6. Not 36 hours better anyway. I don’t buy the baloney coming out of this video. Helloooo!? Gotta have bacon.

    • Wayt says:

      Bacon lovers might trying replacing (or supplementing) the mushroom ketchup in this recipe with our Bacon Jam (page 4·229). I’ve tried this jam (which also goes great on biscuits), and it’s pretty fantastic.

      As for jalapeños, one interesting approach might be to add a bit of jalapeño oil to the liquid smoke that is infused into the lettuce. You’d then get a nice dose of heat in every bite, rather than the full-blast/nothing shocks you get when just topping a burger with sliced jalapeños.

    • rocrow29 says:

      Ron, my guess is that if your palette is satisfied with 5 Guys, you probably aren’t a candidate for MC to begin with. Just saying……

  4. Lily says:

    Tessaro’s has the best burger in the uniervse, period! I’ve been all over the country and to more than a few places in San Francisco that claim to have the best burger ever but none come close to Tessaro’s. The Gourmet Burger with dry blue cheese is to die for.I can also recommend City Grill as a very close second but I haven’t been there in a while.If you are going to Tessaro’s on a Friday or Saturday you need to go close to 10:30 PM I’ve never had a problem getting in there and sitting down with in a few minutes.

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