Notable Coverage

Notable Coverage

Real Academia de Gastronomía Modernist Cuisine is named the 2011 publication of the year.

Top 6 Food News Stories of 2011 Good Housekeeping names MCas one of the most inter­est­ing things they cov­ered in 2011 regard­ing food.

Inside the tech kitchen of the future A look at The Cooking Lab in a video by CNNMoney.

The Leonard Lopate Show Podcast of Nathan Myhrvold’s recent inter­view with Leonard Lopate on WNYC.

On the Science of Cooking Video and tran­script of a talk with Nathan Myhrvold and intro­duc­tion by his friend W. Daniel Hills.

Modernist Cuisine: The Big Book ieee spec­trum’s pod­cast with Nathan Myhrvold cov­er­ing every­thing from how microwaves work to what Nathan eats at home.

Kitchen Science Why Modernist Cuisineis bet­ter than an ipad.

Have You Tried Modernist Cuisine at Home? An arti­cle about the movement.

Ring My Belle with Rachel Belle: Weekend Edition A pod­cast with Seattle radio per­son­al­ity and for­mer restau­rant critic Rachel Belle.

Get started with the 40-pound set of ‘Modernist Cuisine’ Tracy Herz, of the Charleston Gazette-Mail, details her expe­ri­ence with MC in three parts, with a focus on cook­ing eggs sous vide. Part two: ‘Modernist Cuisine’: Learn how never to over­cook again and part three: It took a team and a famous chef to cook the per­fect egg.

ExMicrosoft Guru Myhrvold Blends Wine, Fries Watermelon Bloomberg writer Richard Vines sum­ma­rizes his expe­ri­ence din­ing at The Cooking Lab.

Cooking Issues — Episode 50 — SPECIAL GUEST: Nathan Myhrvold Cooking Issues podcast.

My Internship at the Modernist Cuisine Cooking Lab Seattle Weekly blog­ger Scott Heimendinger (AKA Seattle Food Geek) reflects on his week com­plet­ing a stage at The Cooking Lab.

High Tech Meets High Art in ‘Modernist Cuisine’ NPR Science Friday (pod­cast and transcript).

Maxime Bilet Has Some Grilling Tips for You Coauthor Maxime Bilet dis­cusses the best way to grill salmon, how to get the best fla­vor from char­coal, and how to pick out the per­fect grill for your apart­ment balcony.

New York Academy of Science: An Evening with Nathan Myhrvold Summary and video of Nathan’s March inter­view with Padma Lakshmi at NYAS.

New Statesman: The Food Issue Modernist Cuisine graces the cover of the British mag­a­zine New Statesmanin their food-centric issue.

Science & the City (pod­cast) Clips from Nathan Myhrvold’s March 2011 chat with Padma Lakshmi at NYAS and inter­views with Maxime Bilet and slideshow.

The Guardian ‘unpar­al­leled in its breadth and depth’

BuffaloChow Brilliant New Books, Reviewed
Myhrvold and his team man­age to make the test results and tech­ni­cal details not only inter­est­ing but page-turning; so much knowl­edge is con­tained within the books that they felt entirely wor­thy of the ask­ing price before we’d fin­ished the first vol­ume. In fact, Buffalo Chow decided to break their review up into two parts, the sec­ond of which can be found here.

The Wall Street Journal The Art and Craft of Modernist Cooking
[longer ver­sion at]

Institute of Culinary Education (video)

Der Spiegel Culinary History Has to be Analyzed Like Art History

SaltySeattle Man of the Millenium? Nathan Myhrvold and His “Modernist Cuisine” [includes pho­tos of dishes served at a din­ner at The Cooking Lab]

Silverbrow Modernist Cuisine: A Sceptic Recants

Grist Why the sus­tain­able food move­ment should learn to love Nathan Myhrvold’s ‘Modernist Cuisine’

National Post Blending physics & food

Globe and Mail Modernist cui­sine skep­tics just don’t get it

Rob Mifsud, Hungry in Hogtown My per­sonal opin­ion is that Modernist Cuisine lives up to the hype. I’m prob­a­bly guilty of bandy­ing about words like “mas­ter­piece” and “bible” too often, but I’m not sure any other superla­tives do Myhrvold’s mas­ter­piece jus­tice. Modernist Cuisinemay well be the great­est cook­book ever. [includes two hour-long audio interviews]

Associated Press First Nathan Myhrvold con­quered sci­ence. Now he’s using sci­ence to con­quer food

Huffington Post Modernist Cuisine Has ‘Something For Everybody’ Says Nathan Myhrvold

THE COLBERT REPORT BROADCAST Video: Nathan Myhrvold uses mod­ern sci­en­tific meth­ods to cook 72-hour pas­trami and pis­ta­chio ice cream.

Zagat Buzz Modernist Breakfast: Check Out Photos and the Menu

Zagat Buzz News Video: A Star-Studded Modernist Breakfast

Zagat Buzz Chefs Weigh In: “Modernist Cuisine” or “Molecular Gastronomy”?

Crain’s New York Ex-Microsoft exec’s cook­book flies off shelves

NY1 Zagat: Foodies Rejoice Over “Modernist Cuisine” Release

Serious Eats Modernist Cuisine: Breakfast of Food Champions

Reuters Hefty new cook­book stirs up food world passions

CHARLIE ROSE BROADCAST Video: Nathan Myhrvold on ‘Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking Former Microsoft Exec Conquers High-Tech Food

TODAY SHOW BROADCAST Video: Food+Science Equals Delicious Dishes Modernist Cuisine a Little Too Out There For Matt Lauer Watch Nathan Myhrvold Talk Modernist Cuisine on Today

Wall Street Journal Technology Genius Cooks Up Geoduck for 90

MARTHA STEWART RADIO BROADCAST Nathan Myhrvold Talks “Modernist Cuisine” on “Morning Living” Colbert Impressed by Nathan Myhrvold’s Modernist Cuisine Nathan Myhrvold talks slow pas­trami, slower orgasms on ‘Colbert Report’ How Stephen Colbert made Nathan Myhrvold blush

Feast TV (NBC) ‘Modernist Cuisine’ Cookbook Author Thinks Even Regular Housewives Can Make His Carrot Soup

The New Yorker The mad genius of Modernist Cuisine

The New York Times Cook From It? First, Try Lifting It

Jet City Gastrophysics Modernist Cuisine at Home: Pea Butter

Eater Defending Modernist Cuisine

Seattlemag Food News: Nathan Myhrvold’s Modernist Cuisine

USA Today That’s one meaty cook­book for $625

Seattle Weekly: Blogs Cashew Gelato (That Just Happens to Be Vegan)

Departures Modernist Cuisine

LIFE Food as Art

Bloomberg Myhrvold Wants Invention to Be Alternative Asset Class: Video

Wall Street Journal Making A 21st Century Hamburger

New York Post Big Stack Attack!

TIME The Tastemaker

Forbes Life in Full: Nathan Myhrvold

Saveur Modernist Cuisine:Defending the Spaceman

Wired Microsoft’s Former CTO Takes On Modernist Cuisine

The Washington Post The Gastronomer on ‘Modernist Cuisine’: big, beau­ti­ful, and worth the hype

Khymos An inter­view with Chris Young

Zagat BUZZ Health Myths Unmasked in Modernist Cuisine

Seattle Food Geek How The Modernist CuisineBook Caused My Existential Crisis–Part 1

Seattle Food Geek How The Modernist CuisineBook Caused My Existential Crisis–Part 2

The Daily Beast The Ultimate Techie Cookbook Q&A with the Modernist CuisineTeam

Eater Nathan Myhrvold on Modernist Cuisine, the Importance of Photography, and Books vs. iPads

The Wall Street Journal The Game-Changing Cookbook

The Wall Street Journal My 30-Course Dinner at Nathan’s

Flip the Media My Dinner with Nathan

MSNBC The Future of Food: Drinkable Bagels & Beyond

Huffington Post Inside the Modernist CuisineKitchen Laboratory

Huffington Post TEDMED 2010: Medical Inventions

ZAGAT Buzz Sampling Nathan Myhrvold’s Modernist Cuisine

Marketplace Radio Freakonomics: Waiter, There’s a Physicist in My Soup, Part 2 Breakfast at Myhrvold’s: Pea Butter, Drinkable Bagels, and Other Modernist Miracles

Marketplace Radio Freakonomics: Waiter, There’s a Physicist in My Soup, Part 1

Martha Stewart Show Cutting Edge Cuisine

Businessweek Billionaire Nathan Myhrvold’s $625 Cookbook

New York Times Gastronomes Await Modernist Cuisine

LA Times The Extremist: Nathan Myhrvold and Modernist Cuisine

New York Times After Microsoft, Bringing a High-Tech Eye to Professional Kitchens

Wired Former Microsoft Genius Masters the Culinary Art of Sous Vide

The Scientist 72-Hour Ribs (PDF)

Food Arts Big Bang Book (PDF)

Xconomy Five Things Nathan Myhrvold Taught Us About Cooking

Investors Digest Nathan Myhrvold’s Got a Brand New Bag

Star Chefs Secrets from Food Scientists

Seattle Food Geek Interview with Nathan Myhrvold: Home Cook, Modernist Chef, Pioneer, and Food Geek

Seattle Met Interview with Chris Young

Grub Street Modernist Cuisine, Nathan Myhrvold’s 2,200-Page Cookbook, Is Finally Ready

The Saveur 100 Chefs’ Edition Nathan Myrhvold

Khymos Modernist CuisineAvailable for Pre-Order

Fortune — Postcards The Brain Behind the World’s Grandest Cookbook