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Manufacturing Modernist Cuisine

The presses will soon be humming again with the second printing of Modernist Cuisine. Printing, binding, and packaging a 2,438-page, six-volume set with the highest production quality is quite an involved process. Some parts of the manufacturing—including assembly of the volumes into their slipcases, rounding of the backs, and glue-up of the endpages, ribbon bookmarks, and backs—are still best done by hand. Although these manual steps slow production somewhat, they are needed to ensure that the books look great, lie flat when open, and retain their integrity over many years of use.

For a view inside the plant, check out these video highlights from the first print run.


  1. Gavin Scott March 20, 2011 Reply

    This is like food porn porn. If I became aroused watching this, does it make me a bad person?


  2. Dann March 23, 2011 Reply

    Any changes, corrections on this second run?

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