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A Visit to Uwajimaya

Recently, we took a camera with us on a trip to Uwajimaya, a local Asian grocery store (the one in Bellevue, WA is pictured at right). Most urban or suburban areas have myriad specialty ethnic markets where all sorts of great food can be found. Here, we have focused on the produce, some of which is seasonal.

Yes, green mangoes really are different than regular mangoes!


You can get kabocha squashes elsewhere, but can you beat this price?


Get your zucchini blossoms for beignets (see page 5·153) while you still can!


Kaffir and makrud lime leaves are the same thing.


Young ginger and curry leaves are musts for many of our recipes.


Our recipe for barbecued eel with whipped caramel (see page 4·283) calls for store-bought barbecued eel.


We found an assortment of hot peppers, both fresh and dried.


A few of our recipes call for Tokyo negi, such as yakitori (see page 3·201).


  1. Sandra McKenzie September 29, 2011 Reply

    Just thought you might be interested in a review of Modernist Cuisine I wrote for Eat Magazine (published in Victoria, BC) earlier this summer. I can’t seem to find a way to link to the magazine, or post the PDF of the review, so if someone wants to email me, I’ll happily send it along.

    • Judy September 29, 2011 Reply

      Thanks Sandra! We’ll add it to our news page!

    • Muriel October 14, 2011 Reply

      Would really like to know aabout the SET magazine from

  2. Lilian September 29, 2011 Reply

    I love browsing the aisles at Uwajimaya!

    I was about to snap some photos and was stopped by a security guard.

    • Judy September 29, 2011 Reply


      That’s so funny! We called and got permission before we brought our camera!

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