Modernist Cuisine


“If Leonardo da Vinci wrote a cookbook today, it would be Mo­dernist Cuisine.”

—Edouard Cointreau, President of the Gourmand Awards

“The culinary research and documentation done by Nathan, Chris, and Max are simply herculean in scope.”

Thomas Keller

“This book will change the way we understand the kitchen.”

Ferran Adrià

“I’m saving my Christmas present for next March when all six volumes of the very beautiful Modernist Cuisine is published.”

Heston Blumenthal

“For me, it is the most in-depth book that has ever been produced of what is happening in the world gastronomy and modern cooking techniques…I think one of the best things about your (Nathan Myhrvold’s) book is that it works brilliantly as a window into how current cooking techniques have advanced.”

Heston Blumenthal, interviews Nathan Myhrvold for GQ, September 2011

“The most important book in the culinary arts since Escoffier.”

Tim Zagat

“Amazing! Unparalleled in its breadth and depth.”

Wylie Dufresne

“The cookbook to end all cookbooks.”

David Chang

Modernist Cuisine is a landmark contribution to the craft of cooking and our understanding of its underlying principles. Its scale, detail, and eye-opening graphics are unmatched by any other book on the subject. It will be an invaluable resource for anyone with a serious interest in cooking techniques, whether the professional innovations of the last few decades or the long traditions on which they build.”

Harold McGee

“A breathtaking new benchmark in understanding cooking, Modernist Cuisine is destined to be as important a work for the 21st century as Escoffier’s Ma Cuisine was for the 20th century.”

David Kinch

“Nathan gave it (the movement) a name and I think it was the perfect name. I’m in admiration of what he did. I think this is fantastic”

Daniel Boulud, May, 2014 at this Google Talk


“The most aston­ish­ing cook­book of our time.”

Katy McLaughlin, Wall Street Journal

“It’s an ency­clo­pe­dia, a man­i­festo, and a doc­u­men­tary, and, should you find a way to get your hands on it, you’re in for an expe­ri­ence that will leave you awed, exhausted, and agog with dis­be­lief.”

T. Susan Chang, Boston Globe

“Arguably the most beau­ti­ful, in-depth man­ual of cook­ing meth­ods ever pub­lished.”

Elizabeth Weise, USA Today

“While there have been era-defining cookbooks – Auguste Escoffiers Le Guide Culinaire (1903) is one precedent – it’s unlikely that any­one will ever have the desire or where­withal to pro­duce a print project of this mag­ni­tude again. Myhrvold has spared no expense and taken the time to get it right.”

Josh Ozersky, TIME

“The home chef – sweating over a partner’s birth­day din­ner, or harass­edly feed­ing small children, or reheat­ing yesterday’s casse­role, or mut­ter­ing in front of an empty fridge – will be inclined to ask, What’s in it for me? The answer is that the work does con­tain quite a few tricks and use­ful pieces of know-how.”

John Lanchester, The New Yorker

“The rea­son to pony up the going rate is that Modernist Cuisine is an incom­pa­ra­ble intro­duc­tion to many of the basic tech­niques of food and cook­ing… as com­pre­hen­sive and read­able and valu­able as any books I’ve seen on sub­jects essen­tial for any­one inter­ested in food.”

Corby Kummer, Technology Review

“Microsoft’s Former CTO Takes On Modernist Cuisine”

Mark McClusky, Wired

“Food Like You’ve Never Seen Before”

Jerry Adler, Smithsonian

“A visual roller coaster through the current world of food and cook­ing tools… For the pro­fes­sional chef, mod­ernist or not, it will be an invalu­able ref­er­ence. For the cook­ing geek with $625 to spare ($467.62 online), it will be end­less fun. As a phys­i­cal object it is remark­able; some­times I found myself sim­ply star­ing at the block of books… Nothing seems to have been spared on the qual­ity of the photo repro­duc­tion, on heavy stock with solid bind­ing.”

Michael Ruhlman, The New York Times

“A masterpiece… the most impor­tant cook­book of the first ten years of the 21st cen­tury.”

Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

Modernist Cuisine is the most spec­tac­u­lar cook­book the world has ever seen. Lifting the lid – literally – on the alchemy of the kitchen, it will trans­form the way we think about food for­ever.”

John Walsh, The Independent

“To describe Modernist Cuisine as a ‘cook­book’ is a bit like describ­ing Mount Everest as a hill. With 2,438 pages, 3,216 full color pho­tographs and 1.1 mil­lion words, Modernist Cuisine will surely be the longest, most thor­ough exam­i­na­tion of food ever pub­lished.”

Kenji Lopez-Alt, Gourmet

“Big, beau­ti­ful, and worth the hype… it is the answer to every­thing you wanted to know about cook­ing, not to men­tion so many things you never thought about.”

Andreas Viestad, The Washington Post

“A visual delight to pore through.”

Anne Kingston, Macleans

“This is the book we wanted some­one to make.”

Greg Atkinson, FoodArts

“Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, about the book is aston­ish­ing. Illustrations, infor­ma­tion, design, writ­ing… the whole nine yards. At first glance, it doesn’t appear merely to be the most impor­tant event in food pub­lish­ing in decades (or more). That’s obvi­ous. I just keep won­der­ing if there has been a book of this scope, design, and impor­tance of any kind in decades (or more).”

Chris Amirault, eGul­let

“This is a mind-blowing book in so many aspects. In the course of this review [of the cof­fee chap­ter], I could not help but read a good chunk of the books for hours and hours and hours; yet still, I only barely skimmed the sur­face. This is absolutely cur­rent, state of the art think­ing. Getting this kind of infor­ma­tion into the heads of for­ward think­ing chefs, culi­nary experts, and food­ies is awe­some.”

Mark Prince, CoffeeGeek

“… a groundbreaking work on contemporary cuisine poised to revolutionize modern cooking.”

Art Culinaire

“A six-volume 2,483-page opus with friendly prose and gorgeous photography covering everything from sous vide to hyperdecanting”

Wallpaper*’s 2012 Design Awards, “Life-enhancer of the year” award

“…it’s the most ambitious cookbook ever published (or ever likely to be).”

Vanity Fair

On trying dishes at Modernist Cuisine’s Cooking Lab: “Put simply, each course was the best and most refined cooking I’ve ever experienced…”

John Heilpern, Vanity Fair

“[David] Chang notes that while some of the recipes may be prohibitive for home cooks because of the equipment required, Modernist Cuisine’s overriding importance lies in shattering our notions of the familiar as the best or only way to go. ‘This book is all about why?'”



“Dr. Myhrvold certainly walks the walk: His pastrami-barbecued short ribs cut like butter. They’re simply the most succulent, flavorful, and smoky ribs I’ve tasted anywhere on Planet Barbecue. In my life. Ever.”

Steven Raichlen, on his visit to the Modernist Cuisine lab

“I do not have a large enough bowl to catch the drool.”

Deadgnome, commenting on Michael Ruhlmans review of the book.

“I will marry anyone who purchases a copy of Modernist Cuisine for me.”

@styrofoamcup via Twitter

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