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Introducing the Modernist Cuisine at Home eBook edition!

MCNovember 13, 2013

We are thrilled to announce the eBook edition of Modernist Cuisine at Home, available now for $79.99! Powered by the Inkling platform, the digital version includes all the content from the print edition plus exclusive features and new content, making it a perfect companion to the print version. For the full list of features, see the product page.

Modernist Cuisine at Home on DevicesSo, why are we releasing an eBook now? Back when we started developing the original Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking book in 2004, there were no e-readers or tablet computers (the first black-and-white Kindle wasn’t introduced until late 2007). When work began on Modernist Cuisine at Home, e-readers and similar devices had matured but not enough to create the type of digital experience we wanted. Most eBooks were just digital reproductions of printed pages, which created problems for our over-sized, information-dense layouts—text would be too small to read, recipe tables would require a ballet of finger swiping to navigate, and screen resolutions of yesteryear would not have done justice to our vivid photography. We decided to print Modernist Cuisine at Home and wait for tablets and eBook publishing technologies to catch up to our needs.

Thanks to the Inkling platform and recent advancements in hardware, we knew we could create a digital edition of Modernist Cuisine at Home that would exceed, not sacrifice, the quality of the experience of cooking through our books.

Taking full advantage of the digital platform, the eBook lets you study a video* of a new or complex technique, quickly change the recipe yield, add items to a grocery list that syncs to your smartphone, and find product and ingredient recommendations with a single tap. Inkling also developed new features for the Modernist Cuisine at Home eBook to make it easy to search recipes by ingredient, tool, and difficulty level.


With so many new features and additional content, we hope the Modernist Cuisine at Home eBook becomes an indispensable resource in your kitchen and an excellent companion to the print edition.


*Internet connection required for video playback.

57 Responses to “Introducing the Modernist Cuisine at Home eBook edition!”

  1. Jesse Morgan

    I was excited to see such a comprehensive collection finally offered on a digital platform.

    With my credit card ready I eagerly navigated to this website to purchase a copy for my Google Nexus 7 only to find yet another company who has gone iOS only.

    Bad form.

    • Hi Amit- You will automatically receive an email after registering a book. Email us at info@modernistcuisine if you still haven’t gotten an announcement in the next 24 hours.

  2. Ibrahim Abdu

    I just receive my copy of The Photography of the Modernist Cuisine, I thought has the complete collection. Now this e-book is my next goal. I want to know wich e-readrer is the best for this kind of book with beatifull photos.
    Like othes above I also am a registered user and did not get an email.
    Tks for your att. and excuse my poor english.

  3. Hi,

    being a registered owner I still have not received an email or found any specific information on the website referring to how exactly i shall redeem the promotion code for the ebook download… Also, I already sent a message yesterday, with no reply yet…

    Best regards,

  4. MikeEnRegalia

    I’m a registered owner of the book, but unfortunately a) I registered too late and b) I purchased the ebook version before learning that there was an offer for registered owners of the print version. Well, I guess that’s my christmas gift to you! 😉

  5. Hi,
    I registered earlier today, and received the code. However, when I try to use it on Inkling I get the message the my code has expired. Please let me know how to get an unexpired code before it’s too late. Thanks.

  6. Justin Marsh

    I purchased a version of the modernist cuisine set when it first came out and I registered my book a few days ago and never received my discount code.