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  1. Peter Nassar says:

    I think you mean “March 14, 2011″ as your publishing date, right? Not “March 14, 2010″ as written above.

    Just wanted to say that I am a big fan! (and trained as a dinosaur vertebrate paleontologist – so a fan of your sauropod tail work as well)

  2. Drew says:

    Books don’t actually ‘publish’ on a Tuesday, that’s when everyone starts their media (TV, radio, print interviews, etc). They do that to give them the most days of the week to do press before the weekend arrives and a new news cycle starts, skipping Monday because Monday’s are usually reserved for catching up from the weekend, getting the work week in order (and of course Monday Night Football ;-) . Also, Tuesday is historically the day in which the least amount of mail is delivered (and one might extrapolate that to several other factors which might interupt your attention span on that day) and I’ve heard, but can’t point to any empirical evidence, that Tuesday is the day in which the most of anything is sold (with the obvious exception of Halloween costumes and beer). However, if you’re publishing a book on cuisine, you might be better suited to start your media closer to the weekend and over the weekend when people are thinking more about cooking and cuisine, but where the viewership is going to be less for that exact reason.

    Best of luck,

  3. Duckburg says:

    Thanks for this great, insightful interview. It really got me thinking.

  4. TomDArch says:

    “Proofreading and correcting 2,400 pages is, as you can imagine, a very big job, and it has been taking longer than we expected to complete that work.”

    I don’t mean to imply that your team is doing anything but being very, very careful about proofreading, but we’re all human… Once the “code” is out, and we’re “compiling” and “running” it, issues will be uncovered that the original team couldn’t possibly have found. A “second edition” or “V1.1″ is inevitable.

    Will it be difficult to produce revised editions? From the discussion of inks and paper, it wasn’t clear (at least to me) how much time/expense would be involved in making changes – the traditional issue of the cost of offset plates, for instance. Also, will the print runs be more or less “on demand”, or closer to the traditional approach of fewer, less frequent, larger print runs?

  5. I’ve been here a few times and it appears like your articles get more informative each time. Maintain it up I appreciate reading them.

  6. How can a retailer order to sell? My store, just fabulous, is the official bookseller and will have the Palm Springs Modernism Week pop up headquarters in my store from Feb 16 to 26 and I would like to order for the Modernism Show.
    Thank you.
    Stephen Monkarsh, CEO

    • Judy says:

      Hi Stephen,

      Please email info@modernistcuisine.com for more information about ordering for your book store.

      • Somesh says:

        I’m a cionokg enthusiast (foodie), but since my culinary education, I haven’t really gotten back in touch with cionokg the way I want to. I was recently thinking that I would like to focus on molecular gastronomy to really have knowledge of an aspect of cionokg that many chefs do not. These suggestions are great!!! Thanks and Happy Holidays!!!

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