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Modernist Pizza Podcast will record the science, history, and culture of pizza, all told through in-depth interviews with the book’s coauthors and the people who are shaping the future of the world’s most popular food.

Each slice of this series examines a different aspect of pizza, from deep dives into flour, sauce, and cheese, to its roots and the evolution of regional styles.

From Naples to New York City, South America to St. Louis, slice joints to frozen pies, listen in as we talk to experts, enthusiasts, and the pizza elite who put this humble pizza pie on the map.


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November 30, 2021

S1: Episode 05 – Aplomb Tomato

Why is the humble plum tomato the gold standard for pizza sauce?

According to the AVP, there are only three tomato varieties permitted to make real authentic Pizza Napoletana: San Marzano (the most famous/infamous), Piennolo (known for being preserved in bunches, hanging on a piece of twine), and finally, the Corbarino.

November 23, 2021

S1: Episode 04 – Flour Dough Crust

November 16, 2021

S1: Episode 03 – Agent Double Zero

What’s the secret behind a perfectly charred Neapolitan pizza? Answer: the cornicione—that famed leopard-spotting that blisters around the edges. But is this a sign of superior pie, or just burnt dough? Whether you like a soft crust with a chew, or a nice crisp bite, it’s merely a matter of the dough’s four main ingredients: flour, water, salt, yeast . . . or is it something else? We’ll find out more about the foundations of a perfect pizza — from Italy’s prized 00 flour, to farms that grow ancient wheats specifically for pizza. But is flour as different as the homophones: palate and palette?

November 9, 2021

S1: Episode 02 – History, Part B

History of the Pizza World, Part II

Pizza Poets and Prison Pies

November 2, 2021

S1: Episode 01 – History, Part A

Pizza Unfit For A Queen

The Myth of Margherita and the Transmutation of Pizza History


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