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Modernist Pizza

WSJ logo

“More than a cookbook…. Fascinating fun for both the professional pizza maker and the science-minded eater.”

Wall Street Journal

“The bible of pizza”

ABC News

“Exquisite detail and with stunning photos.”


“Delicious… this is the best crust I’ve ever had”

Bloomberg’s Hello World

“Answers every question you could ever have about pizza….It is amazing”

Milk Street Radio

“Any pizza lover—and aren’t most of us pizza lovers—would want Modernist Pizza.”

Serious Eats
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Modernist Bread

“Above all, the book is a call for cooks to rethink one of the world’s oldest foods — to understand how bread is made, using more than their instinct and intuition, so they can push the craft forward.”

The New York Times

“Modernist Bread… goes where few single-subject cookbooks have dared to stir. Full props for their stunning work….it is in a league all its own.”

The Washington Post

Modernist Bread is a robust historical and future-thinking exploration on one the oldest foods of mankind . . . this exhaustive guide is the epitome of Myhrvold: research-driven and curiosity-inspired obsession”


“There’s no way to look at Modernist Bread and not be stunned….The contributions to bread-making here are undeniable.”


“A meticulously researched meditation on bread and the science, history, and culture behind it, it’s a fascinating read for bakers of all levels.”

Martha Stewart

“Modernist Bread is the definitive book on bread.”

NBC News
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Modernist Cuisine

“The most astonishing cookbook of our time.”

The Wall Street Journal

“A visual roller coaster through the current world of food and cook­ing tools. . . . For the pro­fes­sional chef, mod­ernist or not, it will be an invalu­able ref­er­ence.”

The New York Times

“An astounding magnum opus.”

The New Yorker

“It seems certain that the book’s effect will resonate beyond those of us who intend to read it cover to cover and fiercely bid on eBay for ultrasonic baths.”

Popular Science

“If a cookbook can come anywhere near the goal of having something for everyone, Modernist Cuisine definitely comes close… it may live on as the most important cookbook—ever.”

The Atlantic

“Big, beautiful, and worth the hype . . . it is the answer to everything you wanted to know about cooking, not to mention so many things you never thought about.”

The Washington Post
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Modernist Cuisine at Home

“The ‘At Home’ recipes can still be quite demanding, but when I got to the chapter on the microwave, my world flipped on its axis.”

The New York Times

“Modernist Cuisine at Home…takes much of the goodness of the original six-volume set and adapts it for the home cook—along with over 400 new recipes.”

Popular Science

“Food nerds will find much to love, but non-nerds will also benefit from lessons in using pressure cookers, making perfect steaks and cooking salmon in a toaster oven.”

Wall Street Journal

“Mr. Myhrvold has a real sense for food, and his tips on how to dress a “great salad,” shuck clams, and make beef jerky in a microwave will amaze and delight.”

Wall Street Journal

“The book includes basic and advanced recipes with beautiful illustrations that will help home cooks familiarize themselves with the most modern of cooking practices.”

The Daily Meal

“The authors emphasize that “cuisine is the creative art in which chef and diner are in dialogue.” And it seems as if that dialogue has now transferred to the home cook, and it’s growing louder and stronger and, with this book, much, much smarter.”

Star Chefs
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The Photography of Modernist Cuisine

“Packed with jaw-dropping photography…”

The New Yorker

“It’s by far the most edifying and inspiring how-to book on food photography we’ve seen.”

Popular Photography

“An art exhibit in itself.”

The Atlantic

“The jumbo-sized images in The Photography of Modernist Cuisine are truly awesome….the ultimate coffee table book.”


“By explaining how he photographed these shots and the science behind the item in question, Myhrvold adds context to the art of cooking—more valuable than any recipe or menu description could offer.”

Vanity Fair

“In addition to his many other talents, ‘Modernist Cuisine’ author Nathan Myhrvold is an accomplished and adventurous photographer.”

Martha Stewart
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