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Modernist Cuisine at Home opens up a new world of culinary possibility for passionate and curious home cooks. Drawing on the same commitment to perfection that produced Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking, this award-winning, 456-page volume applies innovative techniques to classic home dishes. Filled with helpful scientific insights, mouthwatering recipes, gorgeous photography, and step-by-step guides, Modernist Cuisine at Home makes it easy to bring dining of the highest quality to your own dinner table.


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Modernist Cuisine at Home is destined to change the way we cook–and the way we use recipes. For all of us who cook regularly, this book opens up a whole new world of possibilities. It is full of insights that encourage us to try something new and that teach us something on every single page.”

Martha Stewart

“Mr. Myhrvold has a real sense for food, and his tips on how to dress a ‘great salad,’ shuck clams, and make beef jerky in a microwave will amaze and delight.”

Wall Street Journal

Modernist Cuisine at Home offers useful techniques and solutions that expand our abilities, and it provides us with a practiced and thorough understanding of why things happen the way they do. Most importantly, it ignites a curiosity within and compels us to ask ourselves not ‘What should we make for dinner?’ but rather, ‘What can we make for dinner?’”

Thomas Keller

“This is a new beginning of science, technology, and creativity all mixed together to really create great flavors.”

Wolfgang Puck

Over the span of 456-pages and a kitchen manual, you’ll discover how to stock a modern kitchen, master Modernist techniques, and make hundreds of stunning new recipes, including pressure-cooked caramelized carrot soup, silky smooth mac and cheese, and sous vide–braised short ribs. You’ll also learn about the science behind your favorite dishes like oven-roasted chicken, how to utilize sous vide cooking techniques, and why pressure cookers are perfect for making soup.



Winner, International Association of Culinary Professionals Awards, Food and Beverage Reference/Technical category (2013)


Nominee, James Beard Cookbook Awards, General Cooking category (2013)

James Beard

“It’s a monstrously fun and shockingly practical cookbook that truly lets you get your geek on in the kitchen.”

Associated Press News

“The book includes basic and advanced recipes with beautiful illustrations that will help home cooks familiarize themselves with the most modern of cooking practices.”

The Best 25 Cookbooks of the Year, The Daily Meal

“Highly recommended for passionate and committed cooks, and a must for professionals.”

Michael Ruhlman
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Bring Home the Fine Art of Food

Explore New Artwork from Modernist Cuisine Gallery by Nathan Myhrvold

Nathan Myhrvold continually pushes the boundaries of food photography. His artwork is available in larger-than-life sizes exclusively at Modernist Cuisine Gallery by Nathan Myhrvold. The collection features brand-new images that can’t be found anywhere else, alongside some of the most iconic photographs from the Modernist Cuisine Series.

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Modernist Cuisine at Home is available in Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, and Portuguese. Foreign language editions are available through booksellers, online, or wherever fine cookbooks are sold.

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