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Modernist Pizza is the definitive guide to one of the world’s most popular foods. This groundbreaking set is the culmination of exhaustive research, travel, and experiments to collect and advance the world’s knowledge of pizza. Spanning 1,708 pages, including three volumes plus a recipe manual, Modernist Pizza is much more than a cookbook: it’s an indispensable resource for anyone who not only loves to eat pizza but is also interested in the science, stories, cultures, and history behind it.


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Years of research in the making, Modernist Pizza takes a deep dive into the world of pizza. Housed in a red stainless-steel case, the multivolume set not only captures the history, culture, and global styles of pizza, it contains all of the essential tools both professional and home pizza makers need to refine their skills and become an innovator of their craft. Filled with both practical and outside-the-box techniques, Modernist Pizza contains more than 1,000 recipes and variations developed by the Modernist Cuisine team for doughs, sauces, cheese, toppings, and pizzas from around the world.


New Discoveries and Techniques

Deep-dish pizza made with a Neapolitan dough. A game-changing flavor-infused fior di latte mozzarella. Ordinary canned soup transformed into robust pizza sauce. The ultimate leftover slice. Backed by extensive experiments, Modernist Pizza contains new insights, techniques, and scientific knowledge that will take your pizza-making skills and creativity to the next level.


  • Testing the limits of pizza topping payload
  • Why does pepperoni curl
  • Is there a right way to proof Neapolitan pizza dough
  • The debate over fresh and aged mozzarella
  • Why sauce keeps the center of pizza from rising
  • Heat mapping pizza ovens

New Techniques

  • Flavor-infused fior di latte mozzarella
  • Frico-wrapped pizza slices
  • How to turn canned soup into pizza sauce
  • “Cross-crusting” our master doughs
  • How to save over-proofed pizza dough
  • The best way to reheat leftover pizza


  • The history of pizza is recent
  • Cholera and the global spread of pizza
  • The real story of the first pizza in the US
  • The arrival of pizza in South America
  • The hidden figures of deep-dish pizza
  • The relationship of beer and pizza


  • The best oven for each pizza style
  • How to optimize your home oven for pizza
  • Can you make pizza in a toaster oven
  • Peel gymnastics
  • Waffle pizza
  • Make your own frozen pizzas

Travel Guides

  • Naples, Italy
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • São Paulo, Brazil
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • New York City, USA
  • Plus 10 more cities

Innovative Recipes

  • Pillow Pizza
  • The Dark Side Neapolitan Pizza
  • Pixelated Pizza
  • Mushroom and Comté Pizza
  • Modernist Hawaiian Pizza
  • Quizza

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Modernist Pizza Podcast will record the science, history, and culture of pizza, all told through in-depth interviews with the book’s coauthors and the people who are shaping the future of the world’s most popular food.

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Pizza, Refined and Redefined

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Each photograph in the 2021 Modernist Pizza documents the deliciously diverse world of pizza. This 16-month calendar features 18 new images from Nathan Myhrvold and his team.

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