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  1. Anonymous says:

    I read in one of their interviews that the section for professionals had more to do with accessibility than difficulty. Maybe Xanthan gum is becoming more accessible, but its still very difficult for the average home cook to find.

  2. ChuckEats says:

    for those that might want to see those (old) meals from keyah grande – i ate there twice back in the day (when my writing was more embarrassing too):



  3. Firstly, thank you for the review. I’ve just ordered my copy while waiting for something else to be published :-)

    Secondly, on Xanthan gum, it also appears to be widely available here in the UK – three of the big four supermarket chains stock it, at least on their websites, (I’ve not walked round each to see how easy it is to find in-store.)

  4. David says:

    Just thought I’d add, in the UK you will normally find xanthan in the ‘special diet’ section of the supermarket as it is sold as a bread additive for people who are gluten intolerant (it creates an approximation of the texture gluten creates)

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