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  1. Gavin Scott says:

    I have Lisa Abend’s book queued up on the Kindle and am looking forward to it. If you haven’t read Grant Achatz’s “Life, on the line” I can highly recommend it as being perhaps the best Chef’s autobiography yet. Very inspiring.

    On the other hand I watched the first Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen and found it to be the worst sort of fake-reality TV. Lots of manufactured drama, etc. Also he seems to have no clue how a chamber vacuum sealer works, describing it as “pumping in lots of air and then sucking it out really quickly at the end”. This show does a disservice to every serious modernist chef IMHO, but I guess the sheep need to be entertained. Anyhow, the season pass on Tivo got deleted forthwith.

    Again, the Today spot came off wonderfully I think. It didn’t communicate many details in those four minutes, but I would expect anyone who would be a likely purchaser of MC would be intrigued enough to google it up afterwards.


    • Jason Whitworth says:

      Lisa’s book is excellent. I saw Lisa and Ferran speak last week at a book promotion event at Astor Center (organized by the Experimental Cuisine Collective) where i purchased “The Sorcerers Apprentice” and have not been able to put it down since. Its a fascinating look inside el bulli.

  2. Guy MovingOn says:

    Nathan, that seems like a tremendous week! Congratulations on all your efforts, and also the honourary alumnus! You have been kind enough to answer many of my questions on eGullet. I live in London, and would love to hear you talk when you are here! When will you know your presentation plans? My book is scheduled to arrive on April 14th from Amazon.ca, but hopefully it will arrive sooner as I would love to get the chance to meet you and have you sign it!

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