5 Responses to “The Amazing Pressure Cooker”

  1. Great job, all around. I’ve been sharing it with my readers and promoting it as an almost-music video. Almost… CHOW, the 80′s called, they want you to send back their drum machine! ; )

    Otherwise, fantastically slick and informative.




  2. Jan says:

    Any Mac users having problems viewing the videos?

  3. apalmero says:

    In some cases, a pressure cooker is priceless, I used it for years and in Italy, where I am from, you can find one in every kitchen. I really loved to learns new techniques from your book.
    I have an issue with your text though… You usually say to cook at 1 bar: my pressure cooker hasn’t a pressure gauge but 1 bar is the air pressure at sea level. Do you mean 1 + 1?


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