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Dedicated to the beauty, passion, and science of cooking, the six volumes of Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking is an accessible 2,438-page encyclopedic cookbook for the professional chef or curious home cook. Armed with the science behind the phenomena of techniques like gelling to the physics of poaching an egg, you will be able to go beyond a recipe and truly innovate in your kitchen.

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A taste of some of the information you’ll learn in Modernist Cuisine, perfect for your next game of culinary trivia.


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The six volumes of Modernist Cuisine contain a world of information.

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The Cooking Lab

The Cooking Lab is home to a state-of-the-art research kitchen and laboratory that is the backbone of Modernist Cuisine. Our culinary team of research and development chefs works alongside chemists, physicists, and machinists in the pursuit of new innovations in cooking.

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Winner of the 2013 International Association of Culinary Professionals Award in the category of Food & Beverage Reference / Technical.

“The most astonishing cookbook of our time.”

Katy McLaughlin, Wall Street Journal

Nominated for the James Beard Award 2013 in the category of general kitchen.

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