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Volume 1

History and Fundamentals

Volume 1 of Modernist Cuisine is dedicated to the history of cooking as well as fundamental scientific principles that govern the way we grow, cook, store, and eat food. This volume also explores the physics of water and food, heat and energy, food safety, and microbiology.

Volume 2

Techniques and Equipment

Learn about the techniques and equipment of Modernist cuisine in Volume 2. From traditional techniques, such as barbecuing and stir-frying, to the science-inspired tools of the Modernist kitchen, this volume includes an in-depth discussion of sous vide machines, centrifuges, dehydrators, and cryogenic freezers.


Volume 3

Animals and Plants

Get to know the science behind cooking all of your favorite plants and animals. Volume 3 explores the structure of meat, the science of the Maillard reaction, the nuances of pressure cooking, and the hidden complexity of cooking vegetables.

Volume 4

Ingredient and Preparations

Volume 4 takes you through both traditional and Modernist ingredients and preparations. It explores key principles like thickening, gels, emulsions, and foams as well as the science of two of our favorite beverages: wine and coffee.


Volume 5

Plated-Dish Recipes

From the sublime to the otherworldly, Volume 5 is completely dedicated to the plated-dish recipes we created for this book.

Volume 6

Kitchen Manual

The Kitchen Manual contains every reference table, technique step-by-step, and recipe found in Modernist Cuisine. Each page of this spiral-bound volume is waterproof and tear proof, making this manual a durable companion in the messiest of kitchens.