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New Recipe in the Library: Cheese Puffs

Be careful. It is impossible to eat just one!

Whether you tune in for the game or just the commercials, you can’t watch the Super Bowl without snacks. But why pick up a bag of cheese puffs from the store when you can make your own? Wow your friends this Sunday with our Cheese Puffs recipe. In our Recipe Library we’ve included the recipe plus photos, tips, and how Wylie Dufresne inspired this and many other recipes in Modernist Cuisine.

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  1. Paul Adams February 3, 2012 Reply

    Just to be clear: when I (6) Whisk cheese water into powder mixture to form paste, that powder mixture is the Crisp Coat mixture, not the N-Zorbit mixture, and not a combination of the two? And when I (12) Dust cheese powder over puffs, I’m dusting the N-Zorbit mixture, which did not get made into a paste? There are two powders I’m juggling here and just want to make sure I’ve got them straight.


    • Judy February 3, 2012 Reply

      Yes, Paul, you are correct!

      • Ovex March 21, 2012 Reply

        Hi Scott, I am still making ur csfiawrh etouffee recepie and family loves it as they say its as good as any they have had there as they go once a year from NC. I am going to try this now, looks great.

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