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Part One: Techniques

The first half of Modernist Bread at Home guides you through the bread-making process, from start (planning) to finish (cooling and serving) and everything in between. You’ll discover essential gear, tips for working bread into your weekly schedule, how to make and care for a starter, ways to optimize your home oven, practical techniques spanning the bread-making process, and much more.

Chapter 1: Making Bread

Chapter 2: Dough Inclusions

Chapter 3: Fermentation

Chapter 4: Mixing

Chapter 5: Dividing and Shaping

Chapter 6: Final Proofing

Chapter 7: Scoring and Finishing

Chapter 8: Baking

Chapter 9: Cooling and Serving


Part Two

Recipes spanning the world of bread can be found in the second part of the book, starting with traditional French lean breads. From there you’ll learn how to make beautiful loaves with a depth of flavor beyond what you find in the store: rustic sourdoughs, lighter-than-air sandwich breads, decadent brioches, and beautifully textured ryes, as well as challah, focaccia, bagels, bao, unbelievable gluten-free loaves, and more.

Chapter 10: Lean Breads

Chapter 11: Enriched Breads

Chapter 12: Rye Breads

Chapter 13: Brick-Like Breads

Chapter 14: Bagels and Bao

Chapter 15: Gluten-Free Breads