Discover the complete story of bread across five volumes. The first three volumes of Modernist Bread provide an in-depth look at bread’s history and fundamentals, ingredients, techniques, and equipment—they’re followed by two full volumes of recipes and a portable recipe manual.

Volume 1

History and Fundamentals

As in Modernist Cuisine, the first volume covers bread history, health, and the fundamentals of science for bakers: microbiology, heat and energy, and the physics of water.

Volume 2


The chapters herein provide a detailed look at the ingredients of bread—from the grains that become flour, to yeast and other ingredients that have Modernist applications.

Volume 3

Techniques and Equipment

Your guidebook to the techniques of bread making. Chapters follow the process of making bread: fermentation, mixing, divide and shaping, proofing, scoring and finishing, ovens and baking, plus cooling and storage.

Volume 4

Recipes I

Here’s where the recipes begin. Each chapter is divided by types of breads. Volume 4 includes recipes for Lean breads, Enriched breads, and Rye and Whole Grain breads.

Volume 5

Recipes II

The recipes continue in Volume 5. These chapters explore Flatbreads and Pizza, then move on to Bagels, Pretzels and Bao, Gluten-free breads, and Bread Machines.

Recipe Manual

Modernist Bread includes a 430-page, wire-bound kitchen manual so that you can easily bring all of the recipes, plus reference tables, into the kitchen in one compact collection.

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