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Part One

The first portion of Modernist Cuisine at Home maps out how to stock a Modernist kitchen and what tools, ingredients, and cooking gear are worth having. You’ll also discover new ways to repurpose kitchen equipment you already own, including strategies for cooking sous vide using a cooler, slow cooker, and your kitchen sink.

Chapter 1: Stocking the Modernist Kitchen

Chapter 2: Conventional Cooking Gear

Chapter 3: Cooking Sous Vide

Chapter 4: Ingredients


Part Two

Over 400 recipes can be found in the second part of the book, starting with the basics like stocks and sauces. From there, each chapter focuses on a classic dish, carefully selected to illustrate how Modernist techniques can elevate even the most familiar foods and produce delicious results.

Chapter 5: Basics

Chapter 6: Breakfast Eggs

Chapter 7: Salads and Cold Soups

Chapter 8: Pressure-Cooked Vegetable Soups

Chapter 9: Steak

Chapter 10: Cheeseburger

Chapter 11: Carnitas

Chapter 12: Braised Short Ribs

Chapter 13: Roast Chicken

Chapter 14: Chicken Wings

Chapter 15: Chicken Noodle Soup

Chapter 16: Salmon

Chapter 17: Shellfish

Chapter 18: Pizza

Chapter 19: Mac and Cheese

Chapter 20: Risotto and Paella

Chapter 21: Cornmeal

Chapter 22: Dishes for the Microwave

Chapter 23: Custards and Pies