A Modernist Breakfast on NBC's Today Show - Modernist Cuisine

A Modernist Breakfast on NBC’s Today Show

MCMarch 22, 2011

While most people in both New York and Seattle were still asleep, Nathan, Max, Johnny, Anjana, and Shelby were at the Today Show studio getting ready for a live segment on Modernist Cuisine. The team prepped for three live demos: striped mushroom omelet, pistachio ice cream, and centrifuged pea butter on toast.

Nathan and Al Roker
Max and Nathan on the Today Show set
Chef’s view of the Today Show Kitchen set

The segment aired live at around 8:45 this morning and lasted a little more than four minutes (which felt like a lifetime in the studio). Nathan did his best to fit it all in, which — as you can see for yourself below — made for a lively and engaging segment!

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The team’s whirlwind New York tour continues today with a luncheon presentation at Hearst this afternoon, and a dinner presentation at the Core Club tonight. Wednesday’s itinerary includes an in-studio interview on Martha Stewart Radio in the morning, and the Colbert Report tomorrow night. Wish the team luck and stay tuned!

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