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Books from the Second Printing Are on Their Way

MCJune 9, 2011

We have some good news today for customers who ordered Modernist Cuisine after the first printing sold out. Copies from the second printing have begun leaving the bindery, and the first 615 sets began their transoceanic journey to the United States on Monday, June 6. Another shipment of that size is scheduled to leave port on June 13, and each Monday thereafter new containers of books will set sail for booksellers around the world, with weekly shipment quantities rising to 1,800 copies in mid-July.

The ocean crossing, customs clearance, and distribution to bookseller warehouses¬†requires four to six weeks to complete. We expect that booksellers will start delivering Modernist Cuisine in late July to the several thousand customers who have back-ordered it. Orders will be fulfilled in the order in which they were received, so if you have been thinking about purchasing the book but haven’t put your order in yet, now is the time to reserve your place in line.¬†You can find a list of booksellers who are carrying the book on our buy page.

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    • We’ve discussed that idea, along with many others. We have no immediate plans to make a book on desserts, but that does remain an interesting option for the future.

    • i have ordered mine from Barnes and noble back in february , they told me it would be delivered in late March but then in April when i called to figure out when my order will come they told me that they cancelled it because they had no ideas when the delivery date will be ,,, so i had to order from Amazon in May 2nd and i am pretty sure it will come soon …Anyway hope you will get luckier than me with B N ..