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elBulli 2005-2011 Exclusive Offer

MCJune 16, 2014

When Modernist Cuisine went to press, Ferran Adrià had just announced that elBulli would be closing its doors by the end of 2011—in light of this news, the culinary world reeled while eagerly awaiting what would come next from Adrià. For anyone who was not able to experience the Catalonian restaurant, elBulli 2005–2011 captures elBulli’s pivotal last years and is a truly gorgeous treatment of its final seasons. The 2,438 pages of our own Modernist Cuisine span an entire culinary movement of history and science, and they chronicle techniques developed by a number of chefs, including Adrià. elBulli 2005–2011, with even more pages that chronicle every recipe and the creative process of the restaurant’s final six years, is an amazing testament to the creativity and singular vision of one chef and a fantastic team.

With 750 recipes, beautifully presented in incredible detail and developed during elBulli’s final six seasons, the seven-volume opus captures both the art and meticulous research elBulli is known for. The set also offers a fascinating evolutionary analysis of the innovations, techniques, technology, and methods developed by Adrià and his team.

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As an exclusive for fans of Modernist Cuisine, Phaidon is pleased to offer readers a 20% discount on copies of elBulli 2005–2011, when ordered directly from their website. As an additional perk, while supplies last, you’ll receive a bookplate hand-signed by Ferran himself and presented in limited-edition box. Visit Phaidon.com before June 30, 2014, to take advantage of this offer, complete with free shipping.




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