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Get Gourmet Pizza in Your Home Oven

MCOctober 31, 2012

Have you ever waited six hours for pizza dough to rise, only to have the pizza burn in the oven while the crust remains stubbornly uncooked? This week on MDRN KTCHN, Scott Heimendinger, our Director of Applied Research, and bring you tips for saving time and circumventing just such disasters. Scott explains one of our favorite tricks: baking on a steel sheet. He also shares his own recipe for pizza dough using an encapsulated leavening agent. In Modernist Cuisine at Home, we include many recipes for pizza dough, sauces, and ideas for toppings. With all the different combinations, you could eat pizza for a month and never eat the same thing twice!

Interested in trying out Scott’s technique? Click here for information on using encapsulated leavening agents.

4 Responses to “Get Gourmet Pizza in Your Home Oven”

  1. Thanks for the great pizza baking video. Why would the stated leavening product be better than just an addition of backing powder, which has a baking soda initial proof and a second heat induced second oven proof?

  2. replicant

    This would be more informative if you acknowledged that yeast and several hours of rising have *two* functions in pizza dough: (1) leavening and (2) developing the flavor of the wheat.

    I’m sure this champagne cracker with toppings tastes divine, but calling it “pizza,” let alone “gourmet pizza,” is kind of a stretch.