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Got Questions? Get Answers in the Cooks Forum

MCAugust 15, 2011

Got a question about vacuum sealers? Wondering about the best ways to brine? Have an insider tip on the best place to find citric acid? Found a way to improve on the Texas Barbecue Sauce recipe in Modernist Cuisine?

If you’d like to get answers to your questions about cooking with Modernist Cusine–or to share what you’ve learned and cooked from the book–please join us in the new Cooks Forum, which opens today on

The forum can be freely browsed and searched by all. To post a question or comment on the forum, you must first register with (no purchase necessary!) and log in.

The culinary team here will be answering your trickiest questions during the week, and will be giving special attention to queries from members who are confirmed MC owners. And you can also draw, 24/7, on the expertise of your fellow readers. Hundreds have signed up in just the past couple weeks, so our community is growing fast.

4 Responses to “Got Questions? Get Answers in the Cooks Forum”

  1. I am a regular on multiple forums/message boards. Tried to get into yours tonight and am lost. I did get to the page that list various categories at one time. ]

    But now I can not get back to the forums. It keeps taking me back to my profile.


  2. froggiechef

    Rabbit casserole sous-vide!!!

    Rabbit seems to be the black beast of molecular cooking!!
    everybody online seems to let you know that you get mushy texture if cook for to long ?
    Can’t find water bath timetable and temperature table guidance online for that wonderfull piece of meat ” le lapin”.
    Any advice from you guys on how to get it texture right ?

    I am planning to do my mother’s recipe ” le lapin , moutarde and mushroom casserole”
    Is it dangerous to cook mushrooms and cream below 70°c for long hours ?