High-Speed Video: Phantom V.12.1 - Modernist Cuisine

High-Speed Video: Phantom V.12.1

MCNovember 1, 2010

Meet the Phantom V12.1.

One of the coolest cameras on the planet, the Phantom V12.1 is capable of shooting ~6,200 FPS at full 720p HD resolution, can shoot up to 1,000,000 FPS at low resolution, and has adjustable exposure time that is independent of the FPS (down to an exposure time of ~300 nanoseconds!). The camera sensor also has unsurpassed light sensitivity, which is achieved with a 20 micron active pixel size and improved quantum efficiency over traditional CMOS sensors.

Modernist Cuisine has some photos that would not have been possible without this amazing piece of equipment. Our team plans on sharing many amazing videos while we look forward to the release of Modernist Cuisine in March 2011!

Here’s a high-speed video of a water balloon being popped. The video was taken at 6,200 FPS and is played back at 25 FPS. (You can expand the video to 720p HD on YouTube.)