Adds Six Great New Features - Modernist Cuisine Adds Six Great New Features

MCJuly 28, 2011

We’ve been thrilled by the reception that Modernist Cuisine has received–not just in sales, which are a lot faster than we initially expected, but also in the rapid growth of a community of cooks who have joined us here on, on the MC-related threads at eGullet, on Facebook and Twitter, and elsewhere online. We’ve received lots of terrific suggestions from readers about ways in which we could enhance the website and better support them as they explore the recipes and techniques suggested by Modernist Cuisine and other Modernist cookbooks. Today we’re excited to announce the launch of a bunch of these new features, with even more to come soon.

Check out the freshly minted Cooking with MC area of the website for:

  • Getting Started with the Recipes, which suggests recipes you might tackle first in Modernist Cuisine, whether you are just starting out as a cook, want to try using modern ingredients, or are looking for a real culinary challenge;
  • a Modernist Gear Guide for cooks who are looking to outfit their kitchens with some new tools like those covered in the book;
  • a Recipe Library that allows you to quickly find all the recipes that the MC team has published here so far–a collection that will grow over time as we periodically release new recipes and step-by-step guides to Modernist techniques;
  • a remarkably useful Recipe Finder that includes a complete list of all 1,500 or so recipes in the Kitchen Manual and allows you to instantly hone in on those that use any ingredient, tool, or technique that you choose;
  • a full Index to the Kitchen Manual, which is the addition most requested by readers and is supplied in PDF form so that you can print it out and keep it with your set;
  • a Keyword Search (technically, a concordance) that searches the full text of the book for any term you enter and displays each page number on which it appears, along with some surrounding words for context.

All of these new features are free. But to get the most out of them, and to gain access to the Cooks Forum and Reader Gallery that we’re currently constructing and expect to open soon, please register as a member of the site. Registered members can choose to receive new recipes by email before they appear on the website. If you have a copy of the book, be sure when you create your account to provide information about where and when you purchased your book, and then answer a validation question to gain Confirmed Owner status, which qualifies you for exclusive offers.

We hope you enjoy all of these new features, and we look forward to your comments and suggestions.

3 Responses to “ Adds Six Great New Features”

  1. Gavin Scott

    Gear guide needs work. Some Amazon links don’t work (one of the two PolyScience immersion circulator links at least), others link to inappropriate products (the LN dewar link and description are for a trap not a dewar), and is there any reason why you don’t list the PolyScience Sous Vide Professional in the Sous Vide section? You list many inexpensive FoodSaver vac sealers, but only one chamber vacuum sealer. I’d like to see at least one of the higher-end ($2K range) models too.

    At the moment Amazon seems a poor choice to restrict links to, as they carry very little of the high quality gear. I’d rather see two columns, one with a link to the official manufacturer’s information on the item and a second one listing one or more options for purchasing.

    Nice to see the site continuing to evolve in this direction!


  2. I registered on this site as an owner of ‘Modernist Cuisine at Home’. I have since acquired the full ‘Modernist Cuisine’. However, since I am already a member of the site, I cannot see a way for me to update my registration to indicate I am an owner of ‘Modernist Cuisine’. Is it possible or useful to be a confirmed owner of both books – might you have offers to one audience but not the other?