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Our Favorite Recipes: I Can’t Pick, But the Pie Crust Is Great!

MCOctober 12, 2012

Modernist Cuisine at Home author Nathan Myhrvold

All week the kitchen team has been taking turns describing their favorite recipes from our new book, Modernist Cuisine at Home. But for me, picking a favorite recipe is like picking a favorite child. I love them all.

So instead, I’ll introduce Larissa Zhou, our newest addition to the team, and our first professional food scientist. Larissa joined us after the new book went to press, so her opinion is a little bit different than everyone else’s. Instead of testing the recipes inside the Cooking Lab, she took her new copy home and started making recipes there. Here’s what she has to say:

“The pie crust would be a great addition to anyone’s kitchen repertoire. I recently moved and made this pie crust in my bare-bones kitchen. I baked it with blackberries picked just along the running trails here in Seattle and took it to a potluck. It was the first to go. The right amount of almond flour and butter make the crust incredibly flaky and irresistible.”

Food Scientist Larissa Zhou

I have to say, the pie crust is pretty damn good.

All week we’ve been telling you about our chefs’ favorite recipes from Modernist Cuisine at Home! Visit our blog for more photos, stories, and tips.

– The Modernist Cuisine Team