Poll: Help us choose prints for the third printing! - Modernist Cuisine

Poll: Help us choose prints for the third printing!

MCSeptember 1, 2011

We are going back to print! That’s exciting in and of itself, but it also means we get to choose four new 8″ x 10″ prints to accompany the volumes in boxed copies of Modernist Cuisine.

Help us select by choosing your four favorite photos from among those below. Polls will close Thursday, September 15, 2011. After all, we have deadlines to meet!

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13 Responses to “Poll: Help us choose prints for the third printing!”

  1. Peter Black

    I still look forward to the opportunity for purchasers of the first printing to get access to these (and the ones from printing 2).

    I’d be happy to pay!

    Also an idea raised on eGullet was that you allow us to trade in our kitchen manuals for a corrected version. I’d pay for that too!



  2. L.S.,

    Forgive me but, why do you not bother to concentrate on printing more books?

    I have ordered my copy on the 9th of April 2011 and all I have received since are standardized apologies and excuses of a publisher that doesn’t publish.

    I couldn’t care less what pictures you print and send.

    Send me my copy of Modernist Cuisine.

    Kind regards,
    Sebastiaan Koreman

  3. Helen FitzGerald

    I’m a engineer by training living in the Silicon Valley area.I have a First Printing copy of MC. I keep it in the dining room. It’s a bit incongruent with the 18th c. style furniture, but my bust of Thomas Jefferson smiles upon it.
    My husband and I bought a Sou Vide Supreme two weeks ago, We followed the MC times and temperatures recipe for Rack of Lamb. It was unbelievably tender. We torched a few for browning and then decided not to bother with the rest. Less successful were scallops; they definitely needed to be seared to be appetizing.

    Keep up the fantastic work! Is an addendum in the works?

    Best regards,

  4. Yes, agreed. As an edition one owner I would be intersted in the ability to purchase prints not included in my copy (if the price was right). Thanks for such a wonderful set of books!

    Todd in Chicago

  5. Letting us, who bought the first print, trade in our kitchen manuĀ­als for the edited verĀ­sion would be great. My MC is full of post-its with corrections from the errata, but having a kitchen manual without the errors, would be almost as good as having a second or third printing.