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Prints for Sale!

MCDecember 13, 2011

Modernist Cuisine First Edition Print: Pot Roast Cutaway

Due to popular demand, we are now selling sets of prints from MC online! For $30 (plus shipping), you can choose one of two sets of prints: those included with the second printing or those included with the third printing of MC.

The first set comes with four 8-by-10-inch prints of the fried egg, pectin orange, pot roast cutaway (above), and levitating burger. The second set comes with photos of the spilling wine glass, wok cutaway, charred pepper, and black cod plate-up.

For a limited time, four lucky winners will receive an additional print from the first set, signed by photographer Ryan Matthew Smith.

12 Responses to “Prints for Sale!”

  1. Richard K.

    I appreciated both the free set of second edition prints and the set of third edition prints I paid for. However: they came in the standard USPS envelopes with no re-enforcement material & no instructions to the mail carrier not to bend them. Subsequently, they were bent into my apartment mailbox & are slightly malformed. I hope subsequent shipments are handled better! Any chance that I can get replacement sets?

  2. I ordered and paid for both sets and was sent them in separate packages. Both of them came regular mail USPS mailer envolopes and both ses of prints had no support around the pictures at all. Like the above person, my prints have creases in them and have been abused via the mail sevice. This is dissappointing. For the price and the quality of the pics you should work on the packaging! Compared to how the bookset came I was not expecting any troubles.

  3. I ordered a set of prints for 1st edition owners through the email/website offer by the cooking lab back in november before they went on general sale. I have still not received them yet and I am not happy as I have paid for the shipping of them through paypal. Can anyone explain why i have not received them yet.

    John Barton

  4. Marissa C

    Is there an ETA for how long it will take to receive the prints after ordering them? I ordered them about 2 weeks ago and haven’t gotten anything yet. I’ve emailed as well as the gmail address on the Paypal order, but haven’t gotten a response there. Also, will I get shipping information (ie, a tracking number of shipping date)? Thanks!


  5. Nikki

    Hi there. I was wondering if someone could email me. I’ve been looking and looking for any prints from this collection. I was really hoping to be able to display some on my walls. Just love this collection but would rather enjoy it on the walls rather than a book.

    • Hi Nikki-

      Sorry we missed your comment. We’re looking into better options for making our prints available and will make an announcement on our site once we’ve settled on a solution.