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Second Printing Has Begun to Arrive

MCJuly 12, 2011

Last week, several readers who had back-ordered Modernist Cuisine sent us word that they had finally received their copies from the second printing. Most of these readers placed their orders with Amazon back in March.

So, where is your copy, you ask? Depending on when you ordered, it is probably on a truck or boat headed your way, and if not, it will be among the 1,000+ copies sailing weekly from our printer in China. We expect that everyone who has ordered to date will receive their copies by mid-August. And we anticipate that by the first week of September, retailers will be fully stocked and able to process new orders. Perhaps a few will even put copies out on shelves!

12 Responses to “Second Printing Has Begun to Arrive”

  1. I just got my Amazon shipping notification! Did one-day shipping and will receive it tomorrow! Placed the order for the “2nd” edition back in April.

  2. As a foodie and book collector I have received many request on how to spot the first printing of 6000 copies from the second printing of 25,000 copies. If this book is viewed, as it is by many, as an objet d’art of its own merit…then the publisher should announce where the subtle varient is located and in what form. Any information on this topic will only help increase desire and “chat” about a very good book. regards, S

  3. Just received my copy. Ordered it from Amazon about 4 months ago.
    Must say – What a beautiful peace of art it is!!

    Me and my chef opened the box and it was like christmas. We will really enjoy reading this.

    Martin in Sweden

  4. From my Amazon review – I think this is correct, but obviusly, folks at MC headquarters can elaborate:

    “The first printing, as is to be expected, had a large number of typographical or content errors. The second printing has fixed most of them, and the company has provided a link if one searches google for ‘Modernist Cuisine’ as an errata page. This is not a judgement either way… it took less than 90 minutes to manually correct each error in a 1st edition text, and was an enjoyable 90 minutes – not drudgery. So, this is only a convenience for 2nd printing purchasers. It does not really detract from the majesty of the 1st printing.

    Next, the paper. The Japan tsunami and earthquake event in March caused a different paper stock to be necessary for printing this second edition. From the photographer of MC on eGullet: “While slightly different, I assure you the quality is on par with the 1st printing paper. Personally, I prefer the imagery on the newer paper but others in the MC team have preferred the original paper. The difference being the 1st printing paper was a bit warmer which gave a nice soft feel to the photos, the 2nd printing paper is more neutral but slightly brighter…helping the photos really jump off the page.” So, different, but clearly intentionally similar quality (I have not seen it, nor felt its weight etc, so I cannot really speak to this more than Ryan has already) – this and possibly only this is the significant value difference and in years to come may prove to be the difference in collector’s value!

    Finally, artwork – back in May the MC team asked for comments on what artwork might be included in a latter printing of the book. Later, and I cannot find it again, so I am TOTALLY UNSURE as to the validity of this statement, but a comment was made by someone that this would in fact be included in the second printing. I cannot verify this – but the timing was such that it is both entirely reasonable, and based on what I read, likely. That said, the MC team is looking at a way for folks who bought the first edition to send in for these (May 19th update, MC blog). “

  5. I just received the book I ordered from amazon in early May. I was very surprised to have gotten a copy of the first edition–also a little disappointed because I much preferred to get the updated and improved version.

  6. Has anybody from received theirs yet?

    Not sure if I’ll get a response as anybody who could answer “yes” is probably reading right now and probably can’t put the books down, not even to gloat.

  7. Just received my set from today (order ed 4/23/2011) and it is indeed the second edition (compared it to the corrections .pdf document found on this website). very excited!!

  8. Would someone be able to provide the ISBN for the first and second editions? Since we’re buying online, it’s hard to know which one Amazon is selling and I want to make sure I get the 2nd edition.

    Thank you.