Sneak Peek – First Image of the Modernist Cuisine Set

MCDecember 16, 2010

As described in a recent post, quite a lot of effort went into making Modernist Cuisine a long-lasting and high-quality experience for the reader. From the paper stock and type of binding, to the inks and printing method, the team researched and scrutinized every detail before making final selections for the project.

We are excited to share with you the first image of Modernist Cuisine, which will also include a kitchen manual (not shown).

First image of the Modernist Cuisine set.

6 Responses to “Sneak Peek – First Image of the Modernist Cuisine Set”

  1. Pedro Marques

    Wow, it’s looking great! Can’t wait to get one (well, I’ll have to wait till March anyway :)) Btw, I’m a Brazilian food writer and I would like to interview Modernist Cuisine’s authors. Do you whom I should contact to schedule an interview?

    Thanks a lot!