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Which Printing Do You Have?

MCJuly 19, 2011

Now that copies of the second printing of Modernist Cuisine are shipping to customers, readers have been writing in to ask how they can determine whether their copy came from the first printing or the second. (Note that Modernist Cuisine is still in its first edition, so the differences are minor; see the Corrections and Clarifications page for details.)

The answer is simple: check the colophon, which appears near the back of volume 5 on page LIV. In the first printing, the colophon begins, “This first edition of Modernist Cuisine…”

In the second printing, the colophon starts, “This first edition, second printing of Modernist Cuisine…”

When we move on to a third printing, this will be reflected in an updated colophon as well.

2 Responses to “Which Printing Do You Have?”

  1. Tony N

    Thanks for this – I thought for a while I had a first printing, as the difference (based on the errata) wasn’t obvious.

    A question: Do you plan to classify the errata into items that were corrected in the second printing (and hence only apply to the first printing copies) vs those that need correction in the second printing? It would be good to only have to print out a list that applies to the second printing.

  2. This may be the wrong place for my post.

    I am a big fan of Mr. Myhrvold ever since I read his Edge article about (digital) photography, clear and concise. I like to make a plea to your team to start the next project: bread and rice. Yes, rice. I don’t care about desert/pastry :-). Mr. Myhrvold mentioned that he may consider a book about baking. Immediately I start to worry he might ignore rice. Please don’t.