Press & Acclaim - Modernist Cuisine

Press & Acclaim

Notable Press

WSJ logo

“More than a cookbook…. Fascinating fun for both the professional pizza maker and the science-minded eater.”

Wall Street Journal

“The bible of pizza”

ABC News

“Exquisite detail and with stunning photos.”


“Delicious… this is the best crust I’ve ever had”

Bloomberg’s Hello World

“Answers every question you could ever have about pizza….It is amazing”

Milk Street Radio

“Any pizza lover—and aren’t most of us pizza lovers—would want Modernist Pizza.”

Serious Eats

“The deepest dive on the science behind the art of topping dough with sauce and cheese. And we’re there for that.”


“The [Modernist Cuisine] team not only dove deep into pizza’s history, they also strove to perfect its recipes.”

Rachael Ray Magazine

“[The] definitive guide to the world’s most popular food.”

Fine Dining Lovers

“A deep dive into pizza.”

Amanpour and Company

“Beautifully illustrated, painstakingly researched books.”

Science Friday

“The deepest dive ever on the history, culture, and technique of pizza.”

Splendid Table

“The most comprehensive book ever written about the world’s favorite pie.”

Monocle Radio

“Gallery-worthy photography of mouthwatering ingredients and pies.”

Galerie Magazine

Industry Acclaim

“Like riding a bicycle, learning to make pizza is something that cannot be learned from a book. But confidence breeds success; I know of no better way to gain that confidence than by learning the underlying principles involved, and there is no more thoroughly researched or referenced resource for learning these principles—both ancient and modern—than Modernist Pizza.  Whether you’re a first-time pizza maker or a well-seasoned pro, it will challenge and inspire you in the kitchen and beyond.”

J. Kenji López-Alt

“I have used and loved Nathan’s two other incredible multi-volume sets. With his definitive book Modernist Pizza, you’ll never need another book on pizza.”

Martha Stewart

“Nobody has ever executed this thorough a study into pizza. I’m grateful to the Modernist team for saving me countless years of research.”

Scott Wiener