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Chocolate and Cherry Sourdough

Recipe • February 8, 2018

By adding cherries, we have taken the beloved combination of bread and chocolate in a new direction. A variation of our Sourdough Master Recipe, this dough is only moderately sweet; the natural sourness of the dough tempers the sweet character of the inclusions. Given how many taste testers were waiting when these loaves came out of the oven, it’s a captivating combination (and a team favorite). As a bonus, the bake-proof chocolate chips remain melted for a good while (while still holding their shape), adding to the indulgence of each bite. We recommend making an extra loaf or two to share—this surprising sourdough makes a thoughtful gift from the heart. This bread is best enjoyed within two to three days and can be frozen for up to two months.

– Adapted from Modernist Bread


Tips & Substitutions

  • Multiply the recipe by two for a miche.
  • Be sure to flour baskets / couches well because this dough tends to be a bit wet and sticky.
  • If you don’t want to cold-proof your dough, you can proof it at 27^ / 80| (65% RH) for 5–7 h for large boules, 3–4 h for small boules, 2–2½ h for rolls, or 6–8 h for a miche. You can also proof at 21^ / 70| for 6–8 h for large boules, 5–7 h for small boules, 2½–3½ h for rolls, or 7–9 h for a miche. We don’t recommend cold-proofing rolls because they will overproof in this period of time. If you want to try cold-proofing rolls, however, reduce the time to 6–8 h.
  • For baking in a deck oven, we recommend baking the dough on two sheet pans, with the one it is in contact with lined with parchment paper; otherwise, the oven floor will scorch the chocolate chips on the base of the dough. Two sheet pans are enough of a buffer to prevent scorching.
  • When mixing, the cherries tend to cluster. Be sure to
    break them apart prior to adding them to the dough.


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