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Detroit-Style Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Recipe • January 31, 2022

Pizza and Buffalo chicken wings? How we could not combine two of our favorite things. Based on the classic sports bar or brewery appetizer that is originally made with chicken wings, this pizza is made with boneless chicken thighs instead to make it easier to eat. It is difficult to overcook chicken thighs, allowing you to fry them very crispy without worrying about the meat drying out, which happens with leaner parts of the bird, such as the breast. You want them extra crispy so that they stay that way even after they have been tossed in sauce.

This recipe is for a Detroit-style pizza, but you can adapt the recipe to any style you want using the directions in Modernist Pizza. Prepare to be bowled over by this addictively-good pizza. It’s the perfect recipe to make for Super Bowl and March Madness parties or to simply celebrate a victory any day of the week.


Tips and Substitutions

  • You can make the buffalo chicken with breast meat instead of thighs or purchase chicken nuggets ready to fry from the grocery store.
  • Be sure to peel the rough fibers of the celery rib first before shaving the ribbons since they aren’t easy to eat.
  • If you want to try this flavor theme on a Neapolitan pizza, we recommend cutting the chicken into much smaller pieces before frying (about 1.25 cm / ½ in). Because Neapolitan pizza has a softer crust than New York square pizza, it can’t support a piece of fried chicken this size.
  • For al taglio pizza, it is a good idea to apply the chicken after the pizza has been baked. Drizzle the blue cheese dressing over the pizza and then top with the chicken and celery.