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Direct Farmer’s Bread

Recipe • April 7, 2024

Direct farmer's bread

The Direct Farmer’s Bread is a great, time-saving recipe for beginner home bakers that can be made in a day.

Of the rye bread recipes that can be found in Modernist Cuisine at Home, this one has a lower rye flour percentage. The blend of wheat and rye offers the best of both flours: gluten provided by the wheat gives the bread structure and a more open crumb, while the rye offers flavor and a chewy texture. One twist that’s different from many breads is that the loaf is baked seam side up rather than down. This creates natural—if irregular—splits in the surface of the bread while baking. The splits act as a score on the bread, which is not only practical but also creates a beautiful, rustic-looking loaf.

Using commercial yeast is not only easier than relying on a preferment for the leavener but also a speedier option since the proofing time is significantly reduced. What you miss out on—what only time can contribute—is the depth and complexity of flavor that levain and prolonged proofing time offer. But to have a rustic loaf with this much character in a fraction of the original time is not a bad compromise.


Tips & Substitutions

  • We recommend using Pure White Rye from Bay State Milling.
  • We do not recommend cold-proofing this dough because it has commercial yeast.
  • If you’d like to warm-proof your dough, you can proof it at 27° C / 80° F for 1–1½ h.
  • Baking times can vary. The best way to make sure the bread is baked is to check its core temperature, which should read 90–93° C / 195–200° F. Once baked, allow the bread to rest for 5 min to help it retain its shape, then transfer it to a wire rack to cool completely.
  • This bread can also be made in a bread machine (though we recommend reducing yeast to 1.7 g (½ tsp) and adding 17 g (2¼ Tbsp) vital wheat gluten if you try this method).
  • Modernist Bread at Home includes some fun variations, such as tomato farmer’s bread, pear farmer’s bread, apple farmer’s bread, hummus farmer’s bread, and cashew farmer’s bread. These variations can be found on page 298.