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Simplified Jus Gras

Recipe • November 9, 2012

This adaptation of the Home Jus Gras recipe from Modernist Cuisine at Home substitutes store-bought chicken stock and rendered duck fat in place of the homemade chicken jus and pressure-rendered chicken fat called for in the original. To illustrate the point that this is a very stable, very flavorful emulsion, feel free to substitute other water-based liquids in place of the chicken stock. Apple cider and beer are both great choices. Unlike the original recipe, here we add gelatin to the water component of the emulsion to give it the same mouthfeel as if it were made from the highly gelatinous pan drippings of roasted chicken wings and feet.

Scott Heimendinger, Director of Applied Research


Simplified Jus Gras Recipe

Tips and Substitutions

  • Rendered duck fat is available in the frozen meat and poultry section of many grocery stores. It is commonly packaged in plastic tubs or as a slab.
  • Other liquid fats, such as warmed lard or bacon grease, are good substitutes for rendered duck fat.
  • You may substitute one leaf of gelatin for the powdered gelatin called for in the recipe. For other gelatin substitutions, see page 366 of Modernist Cuisine at Home.
  • Beer, apple cider, and other flavorful liquids work well as substitutions for chicken stock.
  • Liquid soy lecithin is available at health food stores and some soap- and candle-making suppliers. Poweder soy lecithin may not be substituted for liquid soy lecithin in this recipe.