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Pizza might be one of the world’s most photographed foods, but that hasn’t always been the case. The Modernist Cuisine team is looking for early photographs of pizza and pizzerias from the United States, Brazil, Argentina, and Italy from 1900 through the 1960s. If selected, the photograph you submit could end up in the pages of Modernist Pizza and help us tell the story of how pizza has been made, served, and enjoyed over time.


  • The pizza or pizzeria does not need to be central to the image, but it must be clearly visible.
  • Submissions can be personal photos or images from books or articles. Please include your name, email address, and a short description of the photograph, including the date, location, any known information about the pizza or pizzeria, and, if published in a book, magazine or article, the name, date, title, and author of the publication. If submitting a personal photo, supplementary info to verify the date should be included when possible.
  • The photos must have been taken during the specified dates and in the specified countries.

How It Works:

  1. Once we receive your submission, a member of the Modernist Cuisine team will contact you through the email address you have provided for more information.
  2. Our editors and photo researchers will review all submissions to verify information about the photo, including the date it was taken and the pizza or pizzeria that’s pictured. Making our books takes time, so we appreciate your patience during our research and editorial process.
  3. Submissions that meet our guidelines will be evaluated by our team for quality, uniqueness, historical significance, and editorial interest. If your photo is selected, our team will send you an image-licensing agreement to execute and return and will provide information about how your photo will be used in Modernist Pizza.
  4. Entries that do not meet the guidelines or are deemed as spam will be automatically removed from consideration.


Participants whose submissions are selected may be awarded copies of the 2019 Modernist Pizza wall calendar, The Photography of Modernist Cuisine, or Modernist Pizza, and may also be listed as a contributor in Modernist Pizza. Submissions that do not meet our guidelines will not be eligible for rewards. We reserve the right to determine which award you will receive if your submission is published and whether you will be listed as a contributor.

Submit Your Idea

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