Press & Acclaim - Modernist Cuisine

Press & Acclaim

“Packed with jaw-dropping photography…”

The New Yorker

“It’s by far the most edifying and inspiring how-to book on food photography we’ve seen.”

Popular Photography

“An art exhibit in itself.”

The Atlantic

“The jumbo-sized images in The Photography of Modernist Cuisine are truly awesome….the ultimate coffee table book.”


“By explaining how he photographed these shots and the science behind the item in question, Myhrvold adds context to the art of cooking—more valuable than any recipe or menu description could offer.”

Vanity Fair

“In addition to his many other talents, ‘Modernist Cuisine’ author Nathan Myhrvold is an accomplished and adventurous photographer.”

Martha Stewart

“Some of the most beautiful and inventive food photos we’ve ever seen…. What defines the photography in the book is the creativity and attention to detail. Many of the perspectives are truly innovative and every print is tack sharp and perfectly lit.”


“A coffee table book for food and photo lovers.”

LA Times

“Flipping through the vast, glowing images is a striking experience.”

The Independent

“Unprecedented views into the essential processes that produce the food we eat every day.”

Smithsonian Magazine

“Lavish photography”

The Australian Financial Review

“It’s eye-popping, to say the least.”

Serious Eats

“Under the super-macro Canon lens or microscope of Microsoft’s former chief technology officer and co-founder of Intellectual Ventures, a head of savoy cabbage…has never been more beautiful.”


“Seriously the ultimate gift for your favorite food fan.”

Food Republic