North Carolina State University Fermentology Talk - Modernist Cuisine
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North Carolina State University Fermentology Talk

Date: September 10, 2020

Time: 4:00 pm

Fermentation transforms dough into bread with a complexity of flavors, aromas, and a tender crumb from the moment the yeast is mixed with flour, water, and salt to the time it’s baked. Understanding fermentation’s critical role in the stages of the bread making process enables you to bake better bread.

Should you add raisins to your starter? What is the best feeding schedule? When is it “ripe?” What can you do with excess starter waste? Join Francisco Migoya, head chef at Modernist Cuisine and co-author of the award-winning Modernist Bread, as he answers these questions and provides research findings conducted by his team over four years that dispel many long-standing baking myths.

Join Chef Migoya on Thursday, September 10th at 4:00 EST / 1:00 PST. For more information, visit the NCSU website.