The World's Most Ubiquitous Food: Exploring Pizza's Cultural Signifigance - Modernist Cuisine
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The World’s Most Ubiquitous Food: Exploring Pizza’s Cultural Signifigance

Ask anyone what their favorite food is, and there is a good chance they’ll say, “pizza.” But just how did this simple food become such a cultural phenomenon, capturing not just the hearts and stomachs of Americans and Italians, but folks all across the globe? Join head chef and co-author Francisco Migoya for a deep dive how pizza became one of the world’s most popular and beloved foods. The talk will be followed by a pre-recorded 10 minute Neapolitan pizza demonstration.

Registration includes admission to the virtual event, a 2022 Modernist Pizza Calendar & access to a recording of the event. Book Larder will also share a special discount code for Modernist Pizza with attendees at the virtual event. Register here.