Chris Gives StarChefs Tips on a Great Thanksgiving Turkey

MC / November 15, 2011

Chris Young gave StarChefs the dish on why baking a turkey is so complicated, and how to get around it. His secret? Treat it like a giant Peking duck. Chris told StarChefs:

“The exterior of the breasts may overcook a little, but this two-step cooking process is as close as I’ve come to getting the legs tender and keeping the breast juicy without brine.”

Read all about Chris’s tips and tricks, and find a recipe for his turkey à la Peking duck here.

4 Responses to “Chris Gives StarChefs Tips on a Great Thanksgiving Turkey”

  1. I’m guessing you could use this technique with a smoker as well. I was wondering how you could smoke a turkey but still get the crispy skin. Plus my smoker is digital and will be able to hold the lower temp better then my oven.