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New Recipe (and It’s Not from the Book): Thanksgiving Stew

MCNovember 11, 2011

What do you get when you combine a water bath, pressure cooker, chicken feet, cranberries, and Stove Top stuffing? The tastiest Thanksgiving meal you’ve ever eaten out of a bowl!

Along with the multi-component recipe, we also have tips, photos, and four videos (sous vide turkey breast, sous vide cranberry consommé, microwave-fried herbs, and how to beautifully plate your stew).

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    • When pressure-cooking something in a jar or bag, you should always insert a trivet (which usually comes with the the pressure cooker) at the bottom to create a separation between the bottom of the pot and the jar or bag. Otherwise your jar can crack or even shatter on the bottom. Add water at least a quarter of the way up the jar. You will need the water to create steam to create pressure.