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New Recipe (and It’s Not from the Book): Thanksgiving Stew

MCNovember 11, 2011

What do you get when you combine a water bath, pressure cooker, chicken feet, cranberries, and Stove Top stuffing? The tastiest Thanksgiving meal you’ve ever eaten out of a bowl!

Along with the multi-component recipe, we also have tips, photos, and four videos (sous vide turkey breast, sous vide cranberry consommé, microwave-fried herbs, and how to beautifully plate your stew).

2 Responses to “New Recipe (and It’s Not from the Book): Thanksgiving Stew”

  1. How much water do you put in your pressure cooker for the “pressure cooked root vegetables”? Like halfway up the jar?

    Should the jar be elevated off the bottom of the cooker?

    • When pressure-cooking something in a jar or bag, you should always insert a trivet (which usually comes with the the pressure cooker) at the bottom to create a separation between the bottom of the pot and the jar or bag. Otherwise your jar can crack or even shatter on the bottom. Add water at least a quarter of the way up the jar. You will need the water to create steam to create pressure.