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Coffee: Because, Damn It, We’re from Seattle

MCDecember 23, 2011

Nathan Myhrvold on coffee at Seattle Town Hall from Modernist Cuisine on Vimeo.

When Nathan Myhrvold recently spoke at Seattle’s Town Hall, he made sure to dedicate at least a few minutes of his speech to the topic of coffee. This was for the same reason there’s a whole chapter of MC dedicated to the subject: “Because, damn it, we’re from Seattle!” he exclaimed. Watch the video, and you might learn a thing or two…even if you’re a Seattleite, born and raised.

2 Responses to “Coffee: Because, Damn It, We’re from Seattle”

  1. Love the slow mo’ joe video. Just digging into the MC set I got for Hanukkah but saw this video. I love both food and coffee. However, my roaster of the past 15yrs has gone down hill and I am now in search of a new source. I have a fixation on very dark (over) roasted beans with a preference for dry processing (smoother flavor, more umph.).

    Any recommendations?

    [gear: baratza maestro+, technivorm]

  2. I am French, I love food and I love coffee.
    I hate Seattle coffees, at least what’s available in New England, it’s always far too dark. Aromas developed with a light roast, when it’s dark you get a burned taste that hides all the subtle flavors of the beans.
    You cannot find French roast in France nor Italian roast in Italy, it’s far too burned. In the great French restaurants they use light roast, that’s maybe what the speaker thinks it’s not good ; it’s just a different appreciation.