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What Would You Like to See from Us in 2012?

MCDecember 27, 2011

As we announced last week, Scott Heimendinger, from Seattle Food Geek, will be joining the MC team as our Business Developer… and Modernist Cuisine Evangelist! And yes, that does mean that we have future plans, which may or may not already be in the works (sorry for the secrecy, but we promise that we’ll announce anything here first!).

We want to know what YOU would like to see from us in the New Year.

  • Products?
  • Recipes?
  • Books?
  • Videos?
  • Events?
  • Prints?
  • Apps?
  • Translations?

The more you tell us what you want, the more likely it is that you’ll get it! Comment below, on Facebook, on the Cooks Forum, on eGullet, Twitter, or use info@modernistcuisine.com to email us.

The one thing we can say for sure is, we can’t do it without you!

Perhaps you would like to see new original recipes like our Carbonated Cranberries.

33 Responses to “What Would You Like to See from Us in 2012?”

  1. im not receiving email notifications of posts to the blog i was hoping you could fix that. more videos and recipes would be awesome along with conversion apps like weights, temperatures, US to metric and anything else that could help. keep up the great work!

  2. First of all, a big thanks to all the team for working so hard to produce such a remarkable work.

    I do understand Nathan’s logic when he explained why this work had to be done in print form, but as our lives keep getting more and more digital, I’d like to see more software tools to enhance the experience for the book owners. These tools could be as simple as a better index than the PDF file to find recipes and techniques in the books via an intelligent search system, cross referencing and even pointers to external web sites.

    Eventually, an app for the multiple mobile devices out there should also be available as a complement to the books.

    This isn’t something new. An excellent example is the best seller book “The Magic of Reality” from Oxford Evolutionary Biologist Richard Dawkins, a remarkable work to introduce young people to science and critical thinking. As good as the book is, they really nailed it with the complementary iPad app which greatly enhances the experience via experiments, animations and advanced graphics.

    Also, as good as WordPress is (I use it myself), the web site needs some serious re-design with focus on usability.

    Keep up the great work and may 2012 be another milestone year for you guys.

  3. Johnpaulearly

    An actual reply good bad or indifferent about doing a stage/ college work experience in June of 2012
    Come on when I was buying the books there was no shortage of replys ok I’m not buying any more and I may be even catogrized as nuts but I would love to go to your experimental kitchen to learn form the best in the business and as I’m in college and studying food science albeit an applied science I’m also Cost free to your organisation as it would constitute as a college placement which My college require conformation of by jan 23 ,to this end after numberous attempted contact with no reply to your blogs web email contact us and direct telephone dialogue with intellectual ventures Dublin at 014720100 & in the US at 00+14254672300 on various intervals with no reply I can only conclude I must try harder to reach someone who can make the decision to fulfill an aspiring food scientists career and complete a chefs culinary cycle,
    Kind regards’
    John paul.

    Johnpaul .

  4. Guy Rogers

    Hi, I am awaiting delivery of the book, but on this and other websites you show a lot of videos on the process. It appears taking Book 6, adding the interactive Videos/Audio and placing it all in an iPad app would be great to make it ‘more affordable’ to the masses. I would be more than happy to be a beta tester 🙂 Cheers, Guy

  5. Threemoons

    I would love an iPad app! An e-book version for those who own the hardcopy would be fabulous.

    City events would be phenomenal; would go to any talk or demo in NYC.

    Products, especially small containers (as opposed to complete kits) of some of the various emulsifiers, etc.

    Ingredient locator (I live in Queens so I can get anything that humans have called food for the past 5,000 years but a source list for other locations would be great)

    LOVING my book btw. Best holiday gift ever.

  6. 1) New volumes: Modernist Pastry
    2) iOS app with the parametric tables, sous-vide times tables (why the hell they are not included in the recipe guide?) conversion tools, recipe/ingredient finder
    3) Make the current Recipe Finder work with iOS Safari. Many of us use the iPad for cooking, and the Finder does not work in this platform…
    4) More activity in the Cook’s Forum, it’s pretty much dead…

  7. Tom George

    I have become an avid home gardener of heirloom tomatoes (as well as other produce) at my home in Woodinville. I get spoiled by the wonderful tastes I experience for all of two months max and then I have to either stay away entirely or purchase “vine grown” no-taste, waxy tomatoes. Surely, with the brains and science at your disposal you must know a process in which we can turn store bought tomatoes into ones that have some semblance of heirloom taste.
    And on that note, this summer remember to look out for the annual TomatoFare as presented for the past few years. It is a showcase and resource for hundreds of varieties of heirlooms.

  8. Ellice Freas

    Tours of the Bellevue Lab would be awesome! Have NM and chefs ever thought about a modernist BBQ booth at Tamara Murphy’s Burning Beast Benefit at the Smoke Farm in Arlington, WA mid July? http://burningbeast.com/index.html.
    You would be a fantastic addition to the lineup up amazing chefs.

    Also, a dessert book and/or recipe guide would be lovely.

  9. A tablet/computer/phone update for book 6, including searchable index, would be handy. (and not any platform specific, either) Pretty sure you can get someone to come up with a way to tie this to existing owners if that’s a concern at all. This could potentially also have the sous vide time/temp tables (or a calculator?) for good measure.

    A chance to come visit the kitchen!

    More recipes, of course. Maybe guest chef recipes if you can convince a few of them to come by and impart some of their techniques/ideas?

  10. MAGForce

    Modernist Cuisine, with an emphasis on modernist related to cuisine… from the French cuisine, “cooking; culinary art; kitchen”; ultimately from Latin coquere, “to cook”, obviously expands to include preparation and presentation.

    Including coffee, because you are from Seattle, may be a little bit of a stretch on the periphery of rationale, but one could make the same case for soup, if pressed and I would prefer to embrace the art of preparing, cooking and presenting a good cup of coffee, rather than quibble!

    It also forms the base argument for my request of what to delve into in 2012, with the same innovative brilliance that exists with Modernist Cuisine… alcohol!

    In fact, I would hope you would consider a complete volume on this subject!

    Having had some traditional experience in my early life, regarding the fine art of producing moonshine and having made, at least a plausible, albeit oblique, argument for preparation, cooking and presentation of beans (coffee) and vegetables (soup)… why not grain alcohol… potato alcohol… fruit alcohol… rice alcohol and all its traditional methods of production and enhancement!

    I think that with the mixologist trend, coupled with the current craft brewer-distiller and wine making trends, we are due for a “modernist” approach being applied to alcohol!

  11. Andrew E

    Thanks for all you have done so far, it is much appreciated.

    Here’s what I would like to see –

    * A pastry book
    * A cheesemaking book
    * A drinks book
    * More on international cuisines not well represented in the books – African, West Indian and Middle Eastern come to mind.
    * iPad version of the kitchen handbook with index. Also would be great to interactively have the ability to scale the recipes
    * Sous vide calculator app
    * An XML recipe format based on the parametric format in the books (wouldn’t it be nice if all of the recipes posted to the internet were parseable in the same way?)
    * An online store which ships globally some of the specialist tools and ingredients featured in the books (ok, that one is probably not going to happen).

    I would be very interested in helping out with these ideas.


  12. alfonso tavera

    Hi im a surprice chef that in the last 3 years im started to introduce in this facinating world of cientific gastronomy, molecular, modern my objective is to introduce me more ando more and more so i found these excelet and unique page of Modernist Cuisine its so fantastic that i never see its diferent, easy to understand, profesional chefs so im Fan number 1 here that i live in Veracruz Mexico, i have the oportunity to take 3 courses in spain in Sole Graels, all molecular thinks, and know MC is in US¡¡¡¡¡¡ better for me, i was practiced all these 3 years in my laboratory of the Chefs School (Le Chef College. com.mx)and these is my oportunity to take a new thinks in all, to try to go to the congres in seattle, to try to visit and Know the MC chef staf, and all i can do it for me and translate to the nex generations of chefs here in my town, thanks first to exist, and congratulations to all the staf who participate in these wonderful proyect Modernist Cuisine

  13. Parker Conrad

    Please please please iPad app. A book like this just isn’t usable in “book” form. And there’s so much interactivity that you could add if you were building it for an iPad.

    Inkling has a great sdk that youncouldnuse to build something really slick…

  14. Being a pastry chef, and facinated for so long in understanding the reason why of thing, I could not wait to get my copy of the md. sadly i was expecting a little more about the science in my field. I am making experiments “for fun” and come up with interesting results, but I am still missing some education to really understand the all process. PLease we need a complete guide of modernist pastry. It does not exist (not even DC Duby) and it is well needed.

  15. A DVD version would be great. A version I can keep on my computer and bring everywhere. Would give me a great teaching and trainings tool for our Balinese Chefs.. Would be willing to pay good money for it.
    Thank you so much for all your inspiring work.

  16. Ben Hayes

    Being a Pastry Chef I would love to see a Book on the Physics and Chemistry behind the sweet side of life.

    Thank you for Modernist Cuisine!

    God Bless,