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6 Responses to “New Recipe: Garlic Confit”

  1. Thanks for sharing more pressure cooker info!

    HOWEVER, the video shows something very dangerous. The cold-water quick release should NEVER be done over the pressure valve. For the Kuhn Rikon Duromatic it should be done around the outer rim…

    See the Duromatic Pressure Cooker Manual, section 9.3

    For other pressure cookers, anywhere on the lid without obstructing or covering the primary or safety valves.

    Doing so could cause a forceful internal suction that could bend the metal of the lid inwards and damage the pressure cooker irreparably!

    Please correct this information in your video and in the text of your recipe library!



  2. The Kuhn-Rikon manual does not state that it is dangerous to run cool water over the valve on the top of the cooker. It does note that water may be sucked into the pot if you do this, however, so best practice is to run water over the rim of the lid or, as we suggest in the tips section, to partially fill your sink with cool water and set the pot in it.

  3. Exactly, Lori. If it was okay to run cold water directly over the valve of the PC lid, KR would not tell you not to do it. At the least it’s not a good idea and at most it apparently can be dangerous or could damage your PC permanently.

    I hope Modernist Cuisine will correct their video and recipe as Modernist Cuisine is considered an authority and people believe what they say.

  4. I contacted Kuhn-Rikon directly and they agree that it is very dangerous to release pressure in the way demonstrated in your video. If you are presenting yourself as an authority on safety then you should really correct this information or delete it altogether. You are going to cause someone to get hurt or at the very least damage a very expensive piece of cookware.