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The Secret to Perfect Chicken Wings

MCOctober 2, 2012

Every member of the Modernist Cuisine team has their favorite parts of Modernist Cuisine at Home, but without a doubt, high up on everyone’s list was developing the chapter on chicken wings (and eating and eating the results). The final recipe results in a chicken wing that is both tender and juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside.

In this video for, Director of Applied Research, Scott Heimendinger, demonstrates just what goes into making the perfect wing. Try them at your next tailgate party—your friends will be impressed, and so will you. Click here for the recipe.

One Response to “The Secret to Perfect Chicken Wings”

  1. dkliman

    I’ve tried this and it worked very nicely. I also happen to have learned the technique from the guys at anchor grill which is extremely simple: deep fry chicken party wings in 350F oil until they float and are golden brown. meanwhile heat up the sauce in some butter, bringing it to a boil in a separate large sauce pan. when the wings are done frying, drain briefly then dump into the other pot and toss until fully coated, then toss a little more until they soak up the sauce. That’s it. not having the breading and allowing the skin to get crunchy as well as letting the sauce caramelize really works out nicely.