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TIME Asks: Is Modernist Cuisine Influential?

MCApril 5, 2011

TIME magazineTIME magazine has included Modernist Cuisine author Nathan Myhrvold in the annual poll it conducts to assemble the TIME 100 list. If you think the book is influential, let the editors of TIME know by casting your vote here. As of this writing, our rank is 162. Let’s see if we can bump it above 100!

3 Responses to “TIME Asks: Is Modernist Cuisine Influential?”

  1. jim meier

    No, it is not. Influential requires a minimal distribution which MC — for all that it is — will never achieve because of the pricing. It MAY be that some components/ideas/recipes will be deemed later to be influential but that will come about (if it does) from distribution by other means.

  2. Erik Halvorsen

    Yes it will be influential, because it gives the right people knowledge about how certain aspects of cooking equipment and other utensils to prepare food for meals are suboptimal, and gives the right ideas room for improvement in the design and efficiency of ordinary cooking and preparation equipment. There will be revolutionary new ways to prepare food as a result.