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Little-Known Facts About Modernist Cuisine

MCApril 7, 2011

The Seattle Food Geek, in a very entertaining post on April 1st, hypothesized about why certain things in Modernist Cuisine are the way they are. Among his insights:

The iconic “cutaway” photos in the book were actually created using a prototype device that resembles a light saber. Intellectual Ventures has several working “light sabers” which it uses for testing defenses against (according to a research assistant) “pests significantly larger than a mosquito.”

For the rest, check out Scott’s post.

2 Responses to “Little-Known Facts About Modernist Cuisine”

  1. Just received your Tome.
    I am speechless.
    WOW thank you.

    okay down to business.
    Can you refer equipment to us normal folks, with normal kitchens.

    I can’t fit a combi oven in my kitchen.
    Nor my budget.
    Thanks Nelson

    • Nielson you would be AMAZED at what you can get if you have some time and patience.

      But nearly all of the recipes can be produced in a home kitchen and the writers have provided some good advice on how to do this throughout the books. Volume 2, Chapter 10 lists the equipment in the Test Lab and provides manufacturers contact into.

      So just how AMAZED would you be – well over the past year I have picked up a nearly new MultiVac, an immersion heater and pump for just a few hundred dollars, and today I purchased a used Blodgett Combi Oven (BCX-14G single) for $249 from eBay (this is a $23,000 unit new!). With shipping, diagnostics and estimated repairs I will probably spend less than $2500 installed!